810 W Grace St, Richmond, VA, 23220
Jul 21, 2021
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Create flavorful grain bowls, salads, and pitas and pair with house-made juices and other local treats.

Job titles and positions at Cava in Richmond, VA include:

Team Member
Guest Experience Manager
Sales Manager
Inside Sales Rep
Crew Member
Area Manager
Construction Manager
Food Prep

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Video transcript

this episode brought to you by Khepri delivering enhanced digital experiences through custom development first impression is the freshness the nice ambience and the great service I love God I come two or three times a week in fact I I make my my whole team come with me the meatballs are great so the flavor and consistency and quality the food's top-notch I love the lamb because it's flavorful it is local I can always mix up my meal I can have it on the grains the greens anything I could describe hava in one word it'd be farm-fresh chef-inspired cuisine continues to be a lasting trend in fast casual it is where we see the ongoing culinary innovation and experimentation in our industry cava grill is a Washington dc-based brand run by three childhood friends with a vision that vision is a Greek and Mediterranean inspired cuisine focused on freshness extremely high quality ingredients customizable and healthy all wrapped into a hip fast style that resonates with today's consumer and what they want and need cava has appeared on our show before when they were just an embryo brand we saw back then that they had great potential we stopped in to talk with co-owner and chef Dimitri Moshe Vitas to see how they are growing and

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