International Center For Language Studies Inc
727 15th St NW, Washington, DC, 20005
Oct 21, 2021
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Since 1966, ICLS has been helping individuals, businesses, NGO’s and Government Agencies achieve their language proficiency goals in more than 85 languages.

Job titles and positions at International Center For Language Studies Inc in Washington, DC include:

Esl Teacher
Administrative Coordinator
Mandarin Teacher
Evaluation Assistant
German Teacher
Test Developer
Court Interpreter
Service Officer

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Video transcript

hi everyone my name is Hannah and as you know I am the program coordinator of the wind and the USA exchange program here at the International Center for language studies our program takes interns and trainees from around the world and brings them to the United States to learn skills and American culture today I'm sitting down with one of our participants who's going to share with us her experience and why you should participate can you please start by introducing yourself sure so I'm Stephanie upon us yes I go from naked or enemy PR and then working in the DC art gallery which isn't it - done gallery what inspired you to come to DC I don't love this see cuz it's so much culture so many foreign people and you got much more tour here you have so many free museums like there is so many reasons to come to the capital videos I really like it here so that's why this is my third time here so that's why I decided to come to to see because I want it the only capital toward some other thing can you tell us a little bit about the daily tasks you do an air internship sure so one of the man's house I do other gallery is I am the main directors assistant this year since I am right there so I also do like

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