1111 Division St, Burlington, IA, 52601
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Your local Burlington Subway® Restaurant, located at 1111 Division Street brings delicious ingredients and mouth-watering flavors in billions of sandwich, salad and wrap combinations to you. An alternative to traditional fast food, we offer freshly cut veggies, toppings, protein and freshly-baked bread to create the perfect meal with freshly baked cookies all at a great value! All Subway® Restaurants are independently owned and operated by business owners who employ talented Sandwich Artists™ that are ready to take your order in person, online, in our Subway app, or for delivery.

Job titles and positions at Subway in Burlington, IA include:

Sandwich Artist
Sandwich Maker
Line Cook
General Manager
Team Member
Pizza Cook
Food Prep
Bartender And Server

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Video transcript

welcome to the subway job application guide video in this video you're going to learn what it's like to work at subway you're going to hear the good and the bad the jobs available and what each job is like how to apply it subway the subway application process including how long it takes to hear back from them after you apply and i'll touch on a few of the corporate careers you'll find out the minimum age to work at subway the subway drug test before they hire an employee and the job benefits and i'm going to give you my impression about what i think about getting a job here may mean for you whether it's a good or a bad idea make sure you like this video and subscribe to this channel so you don't miss out on any future videos regarding how to fill out an application for a job now working at subway what is it like past and present employees talk about how it's very busy all the time and it's a great place to work hard and learn about customer service that the customers are very pleasant and that they appreciate what you do now if you put forth a lot of effort management does apparently notice and they will give you plenty of hours to work managers generally treat employees pretty well and even though for an hourly worker at subway the pay was really low the customers helped out quite a bit by offering some tips plenty of tips according to that