As the hiring world is searching for new ways to include human elements into the hiring process and they are introducing it by digital means, job seekers can incorporate video into their job seeking practices. While the video above addresses how to make a great video resume, it is important to reiterate that video resumes do not replace traditional resumes, and should only be used in certain circumstances.

When you Might Need a Video Resume

The success of video resumes not only depends on the quality of your video, but it also depends on the way in which you use it. Because of employers’ concerns about potential discrimination claims, video resumes are not always accepted everywhere by everyone. There are specific instances where video resumes can give you an advantage and instances where a video resume may hurt your chances at landing the job you applied for.

Here are some ways a video resume can be intelligently used to help you stand out.

If you Create a Digital Portfolio
A digital portfolio is an online collection some of the best work you have done overtime in a specific “field” or “industry”. Digital portfolios have become a great resource for students graduating college and looking to visually display their education, achievements, and work experience. Digital portfolios can display writings, original illustrations, spreadsheets, research data, and even videos.

Adding a video resume to the top or front page of your digital portfolio can help enhance the visual representation of your qualifications and give employers something to look at as soon as they visit your web page. It would also be a nice way to expound on or reiterate some of your greatest strengths before the employer browses through the rest of your work.

If You Plan on Reaching out to Companies
In the world of job searching, it is not uncommon to send a prospective cover letter to a company or employer that you are dying to work for, especially if you are looking to create a network connection. The purpose of a prospective cover letter is to provide some information about yourself and see if there are any jobs available that fit your skill set.

Using a video resume to accompany a prospective cover letter could make hiring managers more likely to respond with relevant information instead of proposing irrelevant job openings or not responding at all. This also gives you an opportunity to show your personality and properly address the hiring manager “face-to-face”.

Video resumes accompanying your prospective cover letter can be shared via email or direct messaging on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

If it is Relevant for the Job you are Applying for
Video resumes can be great depending on the type of job you are applying to. While some careers would welcome video resumes with open arms, others would have no use for it. For example, here are a number of careers in which video resumes may help you land a job.
  • Marketing
  • Architects
  • Web Developing
  • Videography
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Teaching
On the other hand, hiring practices in careers such as healthcare, engineering, human resource management, or even law may be slower to accept video resumes as an initial point of contact.

If you are Applying for a Remote or Online Job
When hiring for remote or online work, hiring confidence tends to be very low because employers know they may have to work with someone they will never see. These hiring processes typically include a Zoom call or a face-to-face interview whenever a decision is close to being made.

If you are applying for a job that is online or remote, it is important to put your best face forward as soon as possible. This is because there are thousands (if not millions) of people responding to online and remote work job postings, and hiring managers may have a hard time deciphering who is really qualified and who is just applying because it is a highly coveted job.

If you produce a video resume with your application materials, it will give the impression that you are transparent, forward thinking, and qualified for the position.

The Job Posting is a Video
Employers are beginning to buy into the concept of video job postings because they realize video job postings are better for candidate engagement and candidate experience. They are also realizing that video hiring processes help increase hiring confidence because they can get a better feel for the people who are applying to jobs.

If you see a job posting that is a video and there are no extra instructions on how to apply to the job, then the best way to respond is by video. More than likely the employer wants to put a face and personality to his/her candidates. Therefore, having a video resume in your arsenal is key.

How NOT to Use a Video Resume

Though we have just talked about instances where using a video resume would be helpful, it is important to highlight a few ways to NOT use a video resume.

You Should NOT Use a Video Resume by Itself
Video resumes are mostly supporting documentation. If you send a video resume to a hiring manager unwarranted, it will give off the impression that can’t take direction or that you are sporadic. Video resumes are not substitutes for resumes, cover letters, and portfolios. Instead, they are an additional piece that helps your application materials stand out from other people’s application materials.

The only exception to this rule is if the application to a job ONLY REQUIRES a video response.

Your Video Resume Should NOT be put Quickly Thrown Together
Creating a good video resume takes time. I am not saying that you need to spend an entire week making it. However, I am saying that you should not take a minute long video of yourself, sitting in your car, and bragging about how experienced you are.
Instead take the time to:
  • Write out a script to make sure you video is relevant to its purpose
  • Consider whether you want to be in your video, include graphics, or both
  • Consider editing your video to ensure the quality is nice and everything flows smoothly
There is nothing worse than including a bad video resume. If your video resume is not going to be well-thought out, then it is best to not include it at all.


When creating a video resume, it is most important to include all the proper elements to ensure the video is quality and that it stands out. The second thing to consider is that your video resume is being properly utilized. It would be a waste to spend time crafting the perfect video resume only to not have it give you an advantage or create opportunities. With Introview, you can upload your video resume for free, and store it, and then share based on all the best ways distribute it mentioned above.
Video transcript

The hiring world is going digital and companies are relying on video while recruiting some use video interviews while other use video screening processes. While employers are increasing their Reliance on video, job Seekers can incorporate video into their job, seeking practices video. Resumes, help job Seekers display, their communication and presentation skills eloquently delivering, your experience. In a video resume, will demonstrate your personality and the authenticity of your skills because interview gives you the ability.Ready to create and upload your own video. You can make your video resume stand out in several different ways. Tell a story every video resume should follow a specific story line. To ensure your video resume has a clear story line, write a script and consider the following elements. Introduce yourself. Give a brief example of your past experience. Explain what skills you have developed that. Help you succeed at your last job, say what makes you unique compared to other candidates and closed with a strong statement or call to action get creative? Be sure. Your video is not you read. Eating your resume, word-for-word consider some video editing and or animation, to ensure your video. Reflects. Your personality ensure video resumes are suitable for your career field. Not every industry will accept video resumes for sales marketing or communication rules video, technology and creativity will likely be a golden ticket to a new career video. Resumes are not a substitute for traditional resumes, but they are great supplement to Showcase your experience, display your skills and most importantly, put a face to your resume.