Arlington Park
2200 W Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, IL, 60005
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Mr. D's, Arlington Park's Chicago-themed sports bar, is a fan favorite during the live racing season. But the excitement doesn't stop in the off-season. So stop in to catch your favorite sports team and watch and wager on top racing from around the country!

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Food Runner

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Video transcript

you know there's always something new and improved here at Arlington International racecourse and I am at chalks corner which is right by Kobe's food court and chalks is really interesting because you can order your food yourself on one of these kiosks so let's take a look right here and I'm gonna make an order kind of hungry I'm gonna get a lot so touch here to begin all right got a hot dog hamburger bratwurst spicy Italian pesto chicken Caesar salad so I'm gonna lay the hamburger and I'm gonna get a hot dog and I'm gonna get a beer I'm not working though right this second so I'm gonna get a beer and I'm gonna get a summer Shandy Paul you have to be 21 that lets me out so resume your order all right there it is 2250 and I hit checkout that's it and then I would pick up the food right here at chalks I'm at technology is everywhere and it's in the food business so why did you go to the self-service here we let the we brought it to the track to let the customer kind of take control their own order so it gives them the ability to order what they want as quick as they want and it also eliminates the time that they're gonna be waiting in line so it also creates a speed of service that is always an issue and food and beverage throughout the whole world of cutting down how long somebody's in line and how fast they're getting in their food it's ready wow that's fast so it's open Friday Saturday and Sunday that means it's open right now it is it's open right now so come on down