Brooklyn Boulders
100 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL, 60607
Sep 08, 2021
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A rock climbing, fitness, art, co-working, and events facility. At Brooklyn Boulders Chicago you’ll find unconventional experiences that engage imagination, passion and physical potential for all fitness levels. Our hope is that you leave here inspired.

Job titles and positions at Brooklyn Boulders in Chicago, IL include:

Head Coach
Team Coach
Maintenance Staff
Fitness Manager
Part Time
Operations Manager
Community Specialist
Operations Team
Youth Program Manager

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Video transcript

creative innovative industrious these are three qualities that have always shaped Chicago and defined the people that live here this is the city that revolutionized film and theater the same city that continues to push boundaries in music the culinary arts and architecture so when considering we would go next there was little debate the Windy City was a must Brooklyn boulders creates hybrid climbing fitness in community spaces where climbers entrepreneurs artists musicians craftsmen and industry professionals can come together in an unconventional environment to gain inspiration and insight from one another Brooklyn boulders is shaped and molded of the unique nature of its community this next step in our journey is no different we look to you the people of