Virginia Credit Union
720 E Broad St, Richmond, VA, 23219
Aug 31, 2021
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A member-owned financial cooperative with more than 300,000 members, Virginia Credit Union provides a variety of affordable banking services, loans, mortgages, and free financial education resources with a focus on helping people be more confident with their finances. Internal ATM; Night Depository

Job titles and positions at Virginia Credit Union in Richmond, VA include:

Branch Manager
Part Time
Banking Specialist
Financial Services Coordinator
Account Consultant
Mortgage Loan Officer

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Video transcript

it's just the best place to thank Lulu from a bank to a credit union was virtually seamless um it just was a major upgrade in my financial institutions everything that you hear and see and the communication that Virginia credit union goes out to the public web I felt in that one valguard felt like part of a family I felt like a member nassim Virginia credit union every time we turned around in the commercials and and getting to know the people it was just we looked at each other one day and said today's the day we need to do it the convenience the the mobile app especially has been nice because it allows us to deposit checks at home and we don't have to find the time to get down to the brand hi day ended up being so much busier than i anticipated so i did not have the chance to run out to the branch to deposit the check in but i'll just do it with my phone i can just take picture of it into my account i might checks off the account and i don't have to go home to deposit my check seems like that's been really helpful I was very comfortable continuing and finalizing the application online I really like the money track of feature it allows me to see how much money I'm

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