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Fort Bend Independent School District
16431 Lexington Blvd, Sugar Land, TX, 77479
Jul 22, 2021
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Fort Bend Independent School District is recognized by the Texas Education Agency. The district s schools offers educational programs to students in kindergarten through grade 12. Its schools academic curriculum includes business, industrial arts, foreign languages, math, physical and health education, science, social studies, English, reading and fine arts. The district s schools organize various athletic activities, such as cross country, football, volleyball, basketball, track and field, wrestling, golf, soccer, baseball and softball. Each district school has a library that provides curriculum-related materials and a variety of free reading options for its students. Fort Bend Independent School District has been operational for more than 45 years and is located in Sugar Land, Texas.

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executive action but reports suggest it could be the next day or 2 live in Katy bill Barajas KPRC Channel 2 news. Thank you bill and when students finally return to in person learning will there be enough teachers new at 10 o’clock Fort bend ISD admits it is facing some big staffing issues. >> Our education team is staying on top of every issue within our local school districts during this pandemic channel two’s Keith Garvin live at F B I s D headquarters tonight with the potential impact for students Keith. >> No one of the new challenges they’re facing here, Fort bend ISD is that teachers who have committed to in person instruction for special education programs have now some of them have decommitted out of fears of coronavirus they say it’s just not safe enough that information was given out this evening. Via email to parents. >> The letter from the Fort bend ISD superintendent was the equivalent of a bombshell for perhaps thousands of parents in the district Friday doctor Charles Dew Berry broke the news that because of significant staffing issues the district may not be able to offer special education programs at campuses parents were expecting their kids to attend. The reason. Teachers previously committed to those face to face classes.