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We work with individuals, families, businesses and institutions to deliver specialized services and innovative strategies that help them build, preserve and manage their wealth.

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Financial Advisor
Wealth Management Associate
Business Development Lead
Project Manager
Business Initiatives Consultant
Wealth Planner
Executive Director
Brokerage Services

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Video transcript

you know I've been at the firm for 15 years and I started out as summer intern I think that's a testament to how incredibly supportive the firm has been of me in my career and also how I just feel about the people when the culture with where I work my current role at the firm is in fixed income capital markets I credit a longevity of my career here to a couple of different factors first and foremost to have the patience with me and allow me to explore different areas of the firm and figure out where I best fit and where my strengths can be best capitalized you don't get that opportunity I think everywhere secondly I've always been given the platform very early on in my career to punch above my weight I've been involved in situations where things haven't gone right and especially if you're a person that really cares about your job that's really hard part of what's really important about what we do here is a firm is how do we handle those those setbacks you've got to figure out your way around it and you've got to solve a problem that you didn't foresee you've got a team here that's gonna do what they can to make you successful at your job I mean what more can you ask for when I think about my cohorts and and others that are sort of rising I actually think that you know one thing we've gotten a lot better at is being yourself right you don't feel like you need to be a certain way to fit in different parts of the organization but I also feel we're at a place where we're talking more about these things and