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9055 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA, 91324
Aug 20, 2021
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Job titles and positions at Chase Bank in Northridge, CA include:

Services Specialist
Bank Teller
Deposit Operations Manager
Customer Care Representative
Specialist I
Service Clerk
Account Administrator
Financial Services Representative

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Video transcript

Good morning guys is the tone for the day as a branch manager. I got to be able to lead, by example, and come in with a positive attitude and helped lead the team to having a great day. We can bring it in. This French is in the link. It would area kind of on the border between Chicago and Lincolnwood. It's one of the busiest branches in the market and we have an extremely diverse. Until here, I finally, don't welcome. Chase the culture of Chase. I would describe it as friendly. Hi, Sarah. Hi, Julie. How are you? Today? We're friendly with customers and Jaclyn. How do you want your cash? Today? We're friendly with each other. It creates a great atmosphere. Here. You go. Stealthy. Yeah, IMA leave. Tell her what that means is I have more responsibilities and working side by side with the tellers, making sure they balance their cash boxes. If they're having a difficult transaction. I step in and try to help them. I love taking care of customers. I love if I could help you with something. Thing, I want to do it my role, as a personal banker. It's more customer service space. Hi, how are y'all? So, I can hop on the teller line whenever need it. So, how about those customers? Also call me with information or email it to me, and I'll start my role here as a relationship. Anchor is taking relationships. That customers already have with us. Making sure that their needs are being taken. Care of your at Chase. You can essentially do whatever job role it is, that you want to do. It, really, just comes down to owning it and renews case. She wants to do my job. Very glad that you were able to help them up and Chase. There's always a new opportunity coming up and that's what's great about being with such a large company. That's always growing. She's is such a great place, not only to grow, but to find where you fit. I've been with the company for nine years and each step of the way. I learned something new and got to work with such great people, that really take an interest in me and my development here at Chase. You have the tools to be in charge of your own career because there's no one pass. There's many different ways. Ways of getting to what's going to make you happy working. Here, feels like a family. Anytime something happens. You ever need anything. The next person to help you out. The team here at Lincoln would is phenomenal. We have a so many different personalities and so many different strengths of play. Well, off each other. I love each and every one of our team. I can't stress enough. How everyone is unique in their own way. I'm very proud to work at Chase. It's such a diverse company. It's such a great place to be in place to learn and know that there's a company is So open to everyone, I'm gonna need. Thank you. Yeah, I say by on you.