United Way
1709 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA, 19103
Aug 26, 2021
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The United Way system includes nearly 1,350 community-based United Way organizations. Each is independent, separately incorporated and governed by local volunteers. The United Way believes that the best way to help the most people is to focus on the root causes of a community's most serious problems and that it takes the whole community working together to pull it off. The organization brings together people from all across the community, from government, business, faith groups, nonprofits, the labor movement and ordinary citizens, to tackle the issues that matter most. If it requires fundraising, going to City Hall, or just getting people to work together, that's where the United Way helps. The organization is focused on the results of the lives it changes and the communities it helps to shape. The United Way has a branch located in Philadelphia, where it is staffed by nearly 150 people.

Job titles and positions at United Way in Philadelphia, PA include:

Database Administrator
Administrative Coordinator
Communications Associate
Development Office
Digital Marketing Specialist

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Video transcript

problems the ones most people don't have the stomach for it the ones nobody talks about at cocktail parties the ones that can't be solved we go looking for them in unforgiving cities desolate towns and seemingly docile suburbs we find every dollar we can to address them but we are more than the fund raisers we are the hand-raisers the game changers the stop talking start doing band together and take on the impossible task masters united we face teen pregnancy of milwaukee united we stand up for the children left behind in china united we battle for veterans in Broward County United we confront the struggles of refugees in Europe no matter the obstacles no matter the odds we surround the communities most critical problems and we fight we fight for Tegan we fight for Dion we fight for