Delta Airlines
Phoenix, AZ
Nov 18, 2021
Full time55000 USD a year
Video transcript

Hi, my name is LeAndre Serena. And I'm 43 years old. I work in the medical field. I've been in the medical field for about 19 years. Now. I've got great customer service. I work as a care coordinator right now, which helps people find any kind of resources in the community. I have tons of experience working with providers, different providers and different staff members which allows me to, you know, get comfortable with different types of attitudes, different types of personalities. I adjust myself to any situation, just because I find it a lot easier and a lot more helpful for the other party to understand. I am always positive. I remain positive just because it is easier and it's a lot help. I have two daughters 23 and 16 who don't require a lot of my attention right now. So I'm ready to venture out to explore new things, find a new career. And yeah, I'm excited.