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Stop & Shop
31 Sparks Ave, Nantucket, MA, 02554
Sep 06, 2021
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Maintaining a location in Nantucket, Mass., Stop & Shop is one of the 360 stores in New England, New York and New Jersey owned and operated by Stop & Shop Supermarket Companies. Growing from a single corner grocer founded in 1914, Stop & Shop is a multibillion-dollar corporation and among the largest food retailers in New England. The company pioneered the superstore concept in the Northeast, opening its first store in 1982. The modern Stop & Shop combines specialty food shops with a broad selection of general merchandise, offering the convenience of one-stop shopping. The store s house brands include Sun Glory, Care One, Acadia, Nature's Promise, Clear Splash, Javana, Companion, Mi Casa, White Gem and Cottontails. In 2002, Stop & Shop partnered with Dunkin Donuts, the world s largest coffee and baked goods chain. Today, Stop & Shop has more than 100 full-service Dunkin Donuts restaurants in its stores. Stop & Shop employs more than 58,000 associates in its network of stores, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and offices.

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Bakery Clerk
Meat Clerk
Produce Clerk
Food Clerk
Store Associate
Financial Analyst

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Video transcript

Whenever I've change stores, I've had an opportunity to reach out into the community. That's when it really fostered that in me to be a servant and a leader at the same time. My name is Angela Perkins. I've been with Stop & Shop for 21 years and I'm a store manager. The Road to Wellness 5k is an event sponsored by the Dimock Center to promote health and wellness in the community, so it makes sense to Stop & Shop to be part of this event. It's inherent in what we do every day. We sell nutritious food that nourishes families and nourishes our community. Every time we have an event we come back and then we hear, "Well, I want to be a part of the next one." There's a lot of people who are still food insecure. There's a high occurrence of diabetes and high blood pressure. It's very easy to get fast food. Everything we're giving out, we make sure that it is healthy. We would have a farmers market. We'd have bags. They could pick what they wanted for produce, fruits and vegetables, and snacks. We wouldn't want to give something that we wouldn't eat ourselves or that we wouldn't serve to our families. The Dimock Center is the second largest community health center and human services agency in the city of Boston. So much of what Stop & Shop focuses on in their mission and their commitment to the community focuses on health and wellness and access to food.