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Aug 23, 2021
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Women's National Basketball Association, also known as WNBA is an organization governing a professional basketball league for women in the United States. The association was formed in 1996, and represents teams from Chicago, Connecticut, Detroit, Houston, Indiana, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Antonio, Seattle and Washington. It also provides personalized care services, including health and education care, and youth and family care services to its team members. Its Web site offers information on scheduled matches and championships, news and features about the game, game highlights, history, performance chart and anniversaries. It also provides online newsletter services, and operates a gift store that offers jerseys, apparel, accessories, footwear, sporting goods, home and office collectibles, kids and personalized collection and team event products.

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Project Employee
Business Development
Strategy Analyst

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so I grew up in Houston who's a ball boy when I was 12 and I look back now I mean I'm 41 years old and someone's telling me that I'd be doing this for my whole life I'd probably probably wouldn't believe him but then again when they asked me what are you gonna do later I'm like I don't know this is the only thing I've ever done this has been it well I think that Tony's a fun guy talking to Rock and Tony's always there him being at the end of the bench and then just giving me encouragement there's something very comforting about this is having Tony there knowing that he's always gonna be there so I play in Atlanta on Wednesday and then after the game we fly to OKC so I'll reach out to one of my counterparts in Oklahoma City and when I land he'll either come and get all my dirty gear from the night before or he'll drop it off in the morning we have to work together the game doesn't go on without us so this is every trip so people always say we'll do work out a lot and I'm laughs probably not this is my workout right here do what he does are