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1356 3rd Ave, New York, NY, 10075
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Updated guidelines designed for everyone’s safety We are resuming planning appointments in our Investor Centers on a localized basis as conditions allow. Please call your advisor or your local Investor Center prior to your visit to check the status. For help with all other transactions, we continue to be available to support you virtually – please visit our Customer Service Center or call 800-343-3548. Investor Centers maintain secure, self-service drop boxes for checks, applications and completed paperwork. Masks are required to enter.

Job titles and positions at Fidelity Investments in New York, NY include:

Financial Consultant
Planning Consultant
Relationship Manager
Investment Consultant
New York
Financial Advisor
Senior Sales

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Video transcript

prior to fidelity i used to work for an airline i was a pastor for 14 years i waited tables my degree was actually in nursing i have an elementary education degree i was drafted by the cincinnati reds in the 2008 draft i was working construction actually before i started with fidelity i was young 21 year old that didn't know a thing about investing and they took this person who had all the qualities to serve the client and they trained us if you come to fidelity you're immediately going to be part of a great team we'll give you the opportunity not to have a job we'll give you the opportunity to pursue a career there's nothing that i'm more passionate about than seeing the people that are currently on my team develop and have a career here at fidelity i feel empowered to work here you know to take on a different project or to learn a different skill or try something different there's so many different offerings whether you want to work out and one of the branches where you're actually sitting face to face with clients across the country whether you want to work behind the scenes and where you're doing operational things working with retirement plans through employers working through individual retirement plans there's just a plethora of different directions that you can take your career what sets fidelity apart in my mind and in my heart is how they treat the people they work with we have very strong work-life balance we want to make sure that you come to work and love what you do because

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