200 Lakeside Plz, Loudon, TN, 37774
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Also known as the REDNECK REALTOR. Zach is setting records in Real Estate. With a passion for all things "country", USA, rural living he is changing the way real estate is purchased. His no fooling around way of business and casual dress puts people at ease. Zach does not pull any punches with low ball offers and anything that comes at his deal sideways. He don't let his clients get as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs as he talks them thru each step. If HEE HAW had a Realtor it would be Zach.

Job titles and positions at Remax in Loudon, TN include:

Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Assistant
Records Specialist
Registration Representative
Broker Account Executive
In-house Counsel
Managing Broker
Direct Sales Account Executive
Video transcript

okay so you got a no doc no down jumbo with an arm that's fantastic alright of course we're gonna do something with that yes sir I'll call you in the morning alright bye bye hey man we don't need selling something here I just saw this place right here third one this week I gotta tell you man I'm making too much money what your problem is Sam with Remax of course you're making too much money what you think I'm gonna make less money somewhere else to make less money anywhere else anywhere Helen how was that where do I begin um how about referral fees got those no no ain't a referral fee I pay a 35% referral fee every time that new stuff refers me a buyer yeah I could have made 35% less on this house just like that

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