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Washington Wizards
601 F St NW, Washington, DC, 20004
Aug 12, 2021
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The Washington Wizards are a professional basketball team and one of seven clubs in the National Basketball Association s Eastern Conference. The franchise entered the NBA in the 1961-62 season as the Chicago Packers, winning only 18 games. The team also played as the Chicago Zephyrs, Baltimore Bullets and Washington Bullets before adopting its current name. As the Washington Bullets, the team reached the NBA Finals four times in the 1970s and won the NBA title in 1978. In 2001, NBA superstar Michael Jordan came out of retirement for a second time, and signed a two-year contract to play for the Wizards. The team plays in the MCI center.

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Game Night Staff
Account Exec
Accounting Clerk
Data Scientist
Digital Strategist

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Video transcript

i think the significance of this year is bigger than uh just basketball this this year overall has been difficult for everyone and um i think it's amazing how we are as a team doing something a little different what's up having churches actually uh have some substantial meaning behind it um and i'm you know grateful to be playing the first team to be able to do something like that especially since i've been in the league and um i'm excited about is crazy you're it go there you're gonna start over yes sir it's the perfect timing our players are standing for what needs to be done change needs to take place and our organization has been a big proponent of backing our players and our coaches and for the players to not wear the jersey and like a normal photo shoot or coaches wear a suit it's just uh the way the way things are right now i think it's just perfect timing and i'm proud to be a part of it it's definitely not rigid pose like so like our inspiration is kind of like this like freestyling each position here this is definitely a statement piece for us you know we're a team we do everything together but we're still citizens of this of this country in this world and you know this is us just kind of choosing a few words that we kind of live by we kind of um you know hold ourselves to as men and as teammates with our players wearing shirts that have accountability a quality justice these are things that they're going to continue to raise and be vocal about