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338 E Rand Rd, Arlington Heights, IL, 60004
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Established in 1993, Chipotle Mexican Grill focuses on the development and operation of fast-casual, full-service, Mexican restaurants in the United States. The chain s restaurants serve a selection of burritos, salads, burrito bowls, chips, and crispy and soft tacos. Its restaurants use several ingredients, such as tomato salsas, sour cream, cheese and romaine lettuce to prepare fajita vegetables, steaks, and pinto and black beans. Chipotle Mexican Grill also offers gift cards of several denominations. The chain s online store provides hats, T-shirts and children apparels. It supports organizations through sponsorships, fundraising events and donations. In addition, the company s restaurants accept online orders and hosts live entertainment shows. Chipotle Mexican Grill operates more than 500 restaurants.

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Team Member
Restaurant General Manager
District Manager
Staff Member
Payroll Supervisor

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Video transcript

Certified training restaurant, is our brand ambassador location. You are going to know like, whoa, this is how a Chipotle is supposed to Chipotle. A newly hired. General manager goes through all of their crew training and then we're going to have them go through their manager training at a certified training restaurant and out that certified training Restaurant. They're going to learn now all of our systems, all of our procedures. And the way to do that correctly. They are able to execute a hundred percent of our standards, a hundred percent of the time and really be that that vision of what we mean. When we say one, best way, I give the Chipotle because I needed some side money. The reason I started my sister had recruited me. So she was my choice. I just thought, okay. I'll getcha Paulie, a try. My sister talks about it. She loves it. And then I got sucked in, in order to be a certified, training manager. You have to eat sleep, breathe training, and I definitely trained and then I eat sleep, and breathe, sustainable, Training Systems really means that the leader of the restaurant has instill. The why the what and the how that takes not just Britney's ability to teach Chipotle but her ability to make sure that it is a true culture where every single person That's underneath her on that schedule is bought into believes in wants to be a brand ambassador of Chipotle of our values, and of training outside of the restaurant. Being a certified training manager has given me so much confidence in who I am. How I interact with people relationships that I've built. This is going to be a sustainable program that is going to help us grow in the future. So as we continue to have our new restaurant, openings will need to leverage our certified training restaurants for Painting, our new crew members returning, our managers. The biggest reason that I've worked for Chipotle is because I wanted to help people and being a certified training manager. You really got to have that impact. Being able to help people in that aspect is what keeps me motivated.