120 12th Ave NE, Norman, OK, 73071
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As we navigate the evolving impact of coronavirus on our communities, we are temporarily closing our dining room seating to help limit person-to-person contact. Some of our restaurants may only offer service through our drive-thrus, while others may be able to offer takeout, delivery or mobile order options.

Job titles and positions at Chick-fil-A in Norman, OK include:

Team Member
Back Of House
Customer Service Manager
Personal Banker
Delivery Driver
Shift Lead
Culinary Professional

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Video transcript

chick-fil-a is easily one of the most successful restaurants there is here i'll prove it the very first one opened in 1967 and this is hard to believe but every year since then their sales have been higher than the year before i'm talking about more than 50 consecutive years of sales growth leading to 2019 when their us system-wide sales reached 11 billion dollars which placed them behind only starbucks and mcdonald's and that is not even the most impressive part chick-fil-a reached 11 billion dollars in sales while only having 2500 locations which isn't even a fifth of what the other two have some quick math 11 billion dollars in sales divided over 2500 restaurants means they sold about 4.