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600 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20037
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Atlantic Media Company publishes various magazines that cover issues related to business, politics and government. The company s magazines include The Atlantic and Government Executive. Founded in 1857, The Atlantic publishes articles on foreign policies, economy, science and technology, and art and culture. Government Executive is an authoritative business magazine with a readership of more than 70,000 senior managers and executives. Atlantic Media Company operates the National Journal Group, which is one of the leading online and print publishers of nonpartisan news in Washington. The group publishes National Journal, CongressDaily, The Hotline and The Capital Source. The National Journal Group offers the analysis of people, issues and trends driving the federal policy-making process. The Atlantic has received the National Magazine Award for reviews and criticism.

Job titles and positions at Atlantic Media in Washington, DC include:

Business Development
Sales Exec
Project Manager
Research Analyst
Research Fellow

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Video transcript

the culture here at pixel media is very relaxed it's a good family environment I think it's a great culture in the sense that everyone here is young at heart they're fun we all sort of have the same kind of passion for what we do to always be better than we are that makes you want to work harder it makes you want to go the extra mile being able to come in and work with people that you enjoy on a daily basis I've been here almost 11 years and I stay because of the people that I work with a lot of us including the principles here are from this area we didn't just come in here set up a company and say let's just see how much business we can get we like giving back so the core values of relationships and flexibility and innovation experience quality profit fun that came kind of what we live by every day whole feel of the company is very flexible I can actually have a life and have my career the building is pretty open we're all pretty much in one room so it is conducive to sort of just leaning over and asking somebody a question being able to collaborate with so many different people from different perspectives different company backgrounds we all really bring something different to a project you look at how much tenure we have and that really leads up to not only experience in the industry but experience in this