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30 Rockefeller Plz, New York, NY, 10112
Aug 23, 2021
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Lazard Asset Management provides investment management and advisory services to various institutional and private clients and financial intermediaries. It offers investors a selection of equity, fixed-income and alternative investment solutions from a network of local offices in more than eight countries. The company specializes in the production of risk-adjusted investment returns. It employs a work force of more than 250 people. Lazard Asset Management maintains operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, Japan and Australia. It also operates Capital Advisory Group, which serves various high net worth individuals, family offices and multifamily units. The company additionally provides sales and marketing support and investment banking solutions.

Job titles and positions at Lazard in New York, NY include:

Research Analyst
Investment Banking Summer Analyst
Business Analyst
Portfolio Analyst
Reporting Analyst
Human Resources Intern
It Business Systems Analyst
Software Eng

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Video transcript

The power of Lazard is the network of relationships that the firm has with leading decision makers around the world. The core of the foundation of lizard is being local first and Global second. We are member of the community. We are interacting with governments. We are interacting with leaders, we interacting with businesses and we've done so through the past hundred and seventy years. All clients are Well, our clients want to understand themes and Dynamics and trends that are occurring, all over the world. They trust what we say. And they know that we're not pushing the next transaction of the next free Lazard is differentiated by the quality and experience of our people. We have a diverse group from many backgrounds. We're Multicultural. We have over 70 nationalities represented within the firm. I think would Lazard has to offer is the amazing combination of a Network while actually being of a size where everybody matters, there's an intimacy at lizard that I don't think you get it. Some of the larger firms, but the resources are very similar to the resources, you would have at a larger firm, there's no confusion about our reason. For being our core mission is to serve clients as a result of that. We've attracted an unparalleled group of people to work. Here we have colleagues that can go very deep on a particular subject. Some that are To go abroad. It's the connection that they have with each other. It's a collaborative culture. It's also a culture being developed through mentorship Lazard, is a place where you really come together and you feel a lot of support. Many of us that was already have a very long tenure because the people that we work with and the relationships that develop lizards are career. They're very few places left in the world today where you can say going in. I can see myself here, 10 years from now or 20 years from now and the Job will change in a way that will keep you here over those 10 to 20 years. That's what makes it special.