1030 W Van Buren St, Chicago, IL, 60607
Aug 23, 2021
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Founded in 1858, the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago is a social and welfare organization that offers a variety of programs for adults, youths and senior citizens. It provides fitness and educational classes, health and wellness seminars, personalized training programs and various sports leagues. The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago organizes day, family and resident camps that include weight training, aerobics, dancing, yoga, trips, games, swimming, and arts and crafts. The organization additionally provides teen fellowship, spiritual rejuvenation, adult wellness, nutritional counseling, weight and stress management, and school-age and preschool child care classes, as well as supports parenting groups and family activities. It also offers character development, citizenship and social service programs in collaboration with local school districts.

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Day Camp Counselor
Team Lead
Unit Leader

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hello my name is amanda malden i am the international programs director at ymc i was born and raised in ecuador in a small town called diabamba i went to the university i studied in business administration with a major in international trade one day somebody came in to our school and were like promoting some international programs i've never heard about international program but for sure something that it caught my attention so i wanted to know more so they put me in touch with ymc of the rockies and i had a phone interview with the hr director at that time and so i was like um the only thing i can provide you is like hard work dedication and being willing to share my culture with others so i think that was good one of the things i really admire about amanda and really enjoy in my work with her is her passion she is so organized and detail-oriented and always putting her best foot forward always giving her best to everything she does she's an encourager she herself has many years at ymca the rockies you can tell from her own experiences she is excited to create the same for others all right you ready so i participated four years as part of the summer work and travel program and i was very sad because i was not going to