Liberty Mutual Insurance
72 Glenmaura National Blvd, Moosic, PA, 18507
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Licensed in Auto, Home, and Life in PA

Job titles and positions at Liberty Mutual Insurance in Moosic, PA include:

Outside Sales Rep
Field Sales Rep
Inside Sales Rep
Insurance Agent
Marketing Associate
Customer Service Representative
Insurance Sales Representative
Sales Advisor
Claims Unit Manager

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Video transcript

for me the most surprising thing about liberty IT has been the strong focus on its people they know that people are as important if not more important than processes and technology I finally it was a fortune 100 company which genuinely seem to care whether employees think it's just a very open accepting welcoming environment I feel even as a as a new graduate I can come forward with ideas and people will listen it's all about that collaboration between your team it's not like you're on your own we have a lot of fun together and we support each other I mean the senior members of matina actively mentoring and coaching the junior members and there are trying to build up that technical knowledge really leveraging those best thing about working at Liberty we definitely the work-life balance they've done the kill your social life to get to the D working here Liberty are very understanding wherever the kids are sick or something goes wrong I can get I can go and see them at their school play and then I can pick up work better so they're very flexible there really is a sense of family here in many ways it doesn't matter what your title is or what clearing role working together towards a common purpose and everyone is respected here regardless of the rule and given a real responsibility which really makes you feel like you're making a difference here I absolutely do really love working here say I wouldn't stay here for nine years of a definitely

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