The Goddard School
8611 2nd Ave, Silver Spring, MD, 20910
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More than just daycare, The Goddard School located in Silver Spring offers a child care program that nurtures a lifelong love of learning by providing dedicated teachers in a private preschool setting.

Job titles and positions at The Goddard School in Silver Spring, MD include:

Preschool Teacher
Chinese Teacher
Toddler Teacher
Pre School Teacher
Childcare Teacher
Infant/toddler Teacher
Pre-k Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Lead Teacher

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Video transcript

There are a lot of reasons why parents say The  Goddard School is the perfect fit for their   family. For me, it's that my child loves school  just as much as home. It's clean, safe, a place   where I can see how much she's learning each day.  Which might explain why when it's time for pickup   she always wants to stay just five more  minutes. That's how I know it's family.

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