The Goddard School
4147 Main St, Westminster, CO, 80031
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More than just daycare, The Goddard School located in Westminster offers a child care program that nurtures a lifelong love of learning by providing dedicated teachers in a private preschool setting.

Job titles and positions at The Goddard School in Westminster, CO include:

Early Childhood Teacher
Lead Teacher
Resource Teacher
Toddler Teacher
Infant/toddler Teacher
Preschool Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher

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Video transcript

my name is Marissa Calhoun and I teach first steps at the Goddard School in Wyomissing we have a curriculum it's themed based so one week we will have bugs and another week will have families and I was noticing that the first steps class which is one year olds was not getting everything out of the books that we have available so I decided why not write one for my kids the first book I wrote was on DNA kinda neat I had a model that the kids could manipulate but I wanted a book to go along with it the second one was musical math in the classroom I often will have rhythm sticks and will tap out the beads and I was trying to show them that math can be musical and then the third book the yoga book we've been doing it Yoga for a long time with the children so I wrote a little poem and drew pictures well when you see children that pick up on the things you're teaching them that most people say that they shouldn't know it's awesome it's such a good feeling I enjoy the collaborative effort that everybody has here I love the kids I love the families I love my team so even though I've really honored to get this award I think it's it's everybody's miss