City Winery
1200 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL, 60607
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City Winery is the only full functioning winery in the city of Chicago. City Winery contains a live music venue, restaurant, private event space, wine garden, and winery. City Winery's concert venue is a seated experience where you can order dinner and drinks from our kitchen and full service bar while watching the show. No need to rush to get the best spot, your ticket acts as your reservation so you have the table and seats you select reserved for you throughout the entire show. We have a variety of acts, check out our schedule at citywinery.com/chicago/tickets.html If you don't want to see a show we have a wonderful restaurant and wine garden where you can enjoy flights of our house made wine everyday! Lunch Hours: Mon-Friday 11am-2pm Midday Menu: Everyday 2pm-5pm Dinner: Sunday-Thursday 5pm-10pm and Fri-Sat 5pm-11pm

Job titles and positions at City Winery in Chicago, IL include:

Line Cook
Business Manager
Service Manager
Beverage Manager
Chef De Cuisine

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Video transcript

Michael zorf is a modern-day impresario with a passion for food wine and music he thought this would be a golden combination for a new business concept called city winery which he opened in 2008 an expensive operation to run his new restaurant slash concert venue slash winery with highly dependent on the idea that deep pocketed New Yorkers would be interested in owning their own barrel of wine so the original wine side of the business was predicated on selling barrels of wine to really wealthy bankers and I had pre-sold about a hundred and fifty barrels gotten people to sign up to make a barrel was gonna be about twelve thousand bucks and you'd get your two hundred and fifty bottles private labeled he was wrong so our first grapes arrived the same week Lehman Brothers imploded and all of a sudden of his financial Armageddon none of the people who had signed up to have this luxury product of their own barrel of wine wanted to be showing off suddenly one third of his slam-dunk business idea was dead in the water and he had all his money tied up into those barrels waiting to be sold to customers who were frankly just not interested I was a little bit of a freak out three hundred barrels at twelve thousand dollars a barrel he can do the math of what we were expecting to come in and

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