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Saratoga Springs, NYRemote
8 days ago
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Hello, my name is Robert Stevenson. Thank you for the reach back. So the answer a couple of your questions. Why did I apply and what it treat me about it? Uh initially I am of obviously a black man, but I'm from Brooklyn New York originally and from where I'm from people don't usually have life insurance. So I figured what would be a better way to learn more about life insurance than to be a part of a company that sells it. Oh number two. My relevant experience would be that I am in customer service now, I work at McDonald's right here on Broadway and you know, it's just not my type of environment. I'm more so of a place like yourself where I can be controlled talking to people and I obviously other than Saratoga Springs, and also financially speaking is just makes sense to be able to work with you guys. So we've given opportunity. I will greatly appreciate it, and I appreciate you reaching back. Thank you.