Insurance Advisor

TDK Life
Saratoga Springs, NY
Feb 24, 2023
Full time100000 USD a year
Video transcript

Hi, my name is Kevin. I'm one of the founders of cdk life. We have open positions for Insurance Advisors and we're looking for good communicators. People who have good customer service skills and essentially are really looking to help people. So what we do is this role Fields, inbound calls, people who are calling in to purchase life insurance plans and so the Insurance Advisors walk them through the steps, find the best policy for them based on their criteria. Via their budget, things like that from day one. You make a base salary working with us. We will start you off by studying for the Life Insurance exam, take your exam, get you licensed and then start training on how to field the calls and talk to the customers and find the best policy for them. The role has a base salary. You started day one at 40,000 a year. It escalates up very quickly. So on month, three, you're going up to 60,000 a year 1470 and it goes up to by month. 7 the base salaries hundred thousand dollars a year. In addition to that, we have quarterly bonuses based on performance. So we really want you to be successful in this role. So respond back to this video. Let me know what intrigued you about it. What experience you have? That would relate to this. And also confirm that you are in the area of Saratoga Springs and I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.