10280 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO, 80260
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As conditions and regulations about coronavirus evolve and differ across the country, availability of dining options like curbside or full dining room seating will vary by restaurant. What remains unchanged is our commitment to safety and high operating standards, and we are continually adjusting our operations to help protect our Operators, Team Members and Guests.

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Team Member
Front Counter
Restaurant Marketing Director
Back Of House
Shift Lead
Shift Manager

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Video transcript

I'm at Dave pre-pandemic. He was coming out of his car with crutches and I went out and rushed to help him. I was like, what? Someone's actually coming out to help me. Dave, would order the same thing every day. The number one meal. No. Pickles large fry, a large Diet, Coke and three. Ketchups. I don't know what it is. About three ketchups better than 2 and less than for the topic of sports is where we him. And I really clicked. We basically been talking basketball ever since because of people like Marcus, this inspired me because part of the Chick-fil-A team. Now, we got a full Squad. Exactly.