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From focusing on quality, clean ingredients to serving our food to you in a warm and welcoming environment, Panera Bread is committed to being an ally to our guests. That means crafting a menu of soups, salads and sandwiches that we are proud to feed our families. You don’t have to compromise to eat well. Whether you want to come in and enjoy a coffee and our complimentary Wi-Fi , or order online using Rapid Pick-Up so you can grab something quickly, Panera Bread Moosic is here with warmth and welcome. Panera Bread. Food as it should be.

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Catering Coordinator
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Video transcript

She price was a candidate in five. Four, three, two, one. There's news that before.It up, Live It Up, live, it up. What's up, guys? And she goes, she's prices and I'm back here with another video. So today's video is going to be all about working in open air. Well after my come to work with me working at Panera, gotta check my roaches. If you have a scene that and go see that way, it's going to be a link somewhere. I don't know. But basically I just wanted to let you know what I do at Panera, what it takes to be a worker at Panera job, requirements, all that stuff. I'll answer all your questions right now. So basically the reason I'm doing this video is because a lot of people added me on Snapchat and was messaging me about working, have a lot of questions. What do you need to take pictures of the register? When you do a lot and I was like, whoa dare didn't know this was like a high demand. So if it was just one or two people, I would have just like kind of brushed it off, but most people have hit me up asking my Panera. So I'm like I'm gonna just video. So without further Ado, let's get right into it. If you want to work at Panera, well first of all in st. Louis is called st. Louis break. Oh, I just have to say that out loud. And I moved to DC so saying Bread Co people doing to me like I was crazy. So I think he's safe and arrow, but it's called st. Louis Berto, Jesse. I know. So, first thing you want to do, if you want more carnera, you need to fill out the application online. So, what you do is you go to to Panera Bread.com and you hit the application button. It's going to ask you if you want to be cashiers, want to be a bakery if you want to make sandwiches apply for a manager position. I think that's about it. So after you finish filling out your application, you choose the location where you would work at. Now, after you finish using your location, you just send your application in and just wait. Now if you are looking to work at the Panera in DC like freshly my opinion, right? So a lot of people people search for jobs every day, right? So be like, 70 applications will come in and you don't necessarily your application won't necessarily give you great. So in order for your Going to give you. You have to be persistent. You have to call, you have to follow up and I suggest going in and meeting. Going in and meeting a manager because they'll have a face to your name and then they'll be more likely to look at your application and right. So that's what I did in order to get hired. I would suggest calling checking in time to time saying, hey, have you seen my I just put an application for Panera Bread. What what are the next steps? Just looking at your application use their let them know that your name. I'm not your name. Go meet a manager if you can. So after your application is put in use. Will you would get a call back now and they would call you in for an interview. Now, I believe the interview process is like three separate interviews, but the Panera that I work at, they were urging for worker. So I just have one interview and basically love me and send me to the group interview. Now at the regular interview. It's nothing is really nothing to use. It's nothing. It's nothing to like it. It worked up about they just ask they just kind of see if you're a good person. Now, what Panera looks for in its workers. They like people that are likable. That's my little eye, because that's very important. If you notice like I do, I'm always laughing. I'm always smiling. They, like people that are nice that are, that are approachable that smile and that are just dedicated and hard-working. It doesn't really Lots of work. There. It really does it. You just have to be a good person. I promise you like it's not. It's not hard at all. So basically, at your interviews is going to ask you, basic interview questions like your name. Previous work. My previous jobs. What you want to do your work schedules. Like how open like your availability for better. Where's your availability? So I asked you why you believe you deserve a job. Oh, what else? Would they? Ask me if I interview they ask you, if you are custom. I think I'll let me try to remember this, right? They ask you what you think. The most important thing is, we're working in customer service. I think I said, like Fast, Life, fast and accuracy, like quickness. Knack for picking someone wants to like, wait. Wait, wait a long time. I think I said fast. I don't know something accurate. But yeah, my manager was like, yeah, that's very important here, but we are I also want to make sure that they have to like enjoyable experience that they may want to make sure that They feel welcome, not rush because you know, like when there's a big rush in line you like kind of antsy to get get through the customers, but you gotta realize that you have to treat the customer with like with respect, ask them how they're doing, be patient, but it's something I've learned at this job being very patient with workers, especially because I work at the hospital to put her in the hospital. So loving the people that customers that come are older or disabled Something. Mike. Yes. There are disabled. So it means we ask you a couple questions after that. He was basically, like, I love to offer you a position, shook my hand and it was on from there. So he basically gave me a big packet and tell me that I would have to go to the central location. So, every Panera has a hiring like, has a Panera that's in charge of hiring, everybody. Right? So, all the Panera's that are in that central location would meet up with the other potential workers. And then, y'all would meet. So I think there's about 10 people in that room. Basically, they were all going to get hired. They had like pastries out. They offered us drinks. It was really laid back and chill. I think the first time we went there, they asked us what they ask, is what we had in the refrigerator. And it was just like kind of getting to know the other workers. It was weird because I was like, I'm not going to be working with these other people, but I guess it went to see how we interacted with people and they basically give you the final approval of like, yes or no, you should hire this person. But basically, they just want to see how you interact with people. That's basically what that whole thing is about. They also show you a couple videos about Panera, you learn about where it came from. So you do is you learn about how we broke off from Abu. Pine. I'm fine. I believe this, right? There's no, I'm gonna check that before. I put that video motor. History. Open era. We watch a couple of videos and yeah, that's about it. I didn't tell you the next day that you'll need for training. So after wait, that's wrong. So, after the first interview, they'll like, they'll call their Panera's, the paneer that you're scheduled to work yet, that you are that you apply for. And I basically say yes or no, you should hire this person. So after that happens, you should get a call. Once you get that call, you're going to have come in for training now training consists of tasting some food, free food. Can I get a witness free food? I'm going to watch some more videos and What else you got to watch videos? Going to say some food. Going to be like familiarize yourself with the menus? Like now that I've been working there for about legs like things are like it was. First of all, I know nothing about that menu. I know what was on there. I know what was in the sandwiches like when I first got there it was just like I don't know what's in the sandwich. I had to keep looking thing. But like when you say stuff over and over again, it was like, eventually get you on your head. Yeah, so after that you basically hired the last one, just wish you all good luck. So then you set up your schedule with your managers and start working. Now, when you start working, someone's going to be training. You, my training was so unofficial. Yo like they didn't, it's not it's not too hard. You just kind of learn by doing it knowing like they show you how to do it and kind of watch over you and then you got Like it's not that hard like working at the register, not hard at all. So basically when a customer walks up to you, you greet them. It's not like a Panera saying, you just greet them. However, comment, like, whatever you're comfortable with them, usually. Like, Hi, how are you? Or I can help the next guest or something like that and then just greet them as so much you can get for them today. Be patient. So you take their orders to like this, a, okay. I wanna pick two or they said, I want to take to, they want like a fried egg and they want to, do you ask them if they want a cup or a boat, because you can get a pic to, with the bowl and get a pixie with the cup as well. Some people don't know that, I don't say my Mac and Cheese. All that you get a suit. A picture is basically half and half to get a soup. A salad. Has we can get half a salad a cup of soup or a bowl of soup have a sandwich, a flat. Basically, it's basically happening at so, people ask me pictures a lot because you get the most is the price with the pig, too bright. So it's cheaper than getting like a half and a half without, you know, so yeah, it'll take their orders to say. They say I want to find take a chicken panini. Sometimes I'll be like, I want to add onions. I want to add tomatoes. I don't want it. I don't want the red onions. I don't want the mozzarella cheese on my white cheddar cheese or something like that and you'll kind of like you kind of look overwhelmed. But, like, literally all the buttons are right there. So you go, what you do is you go sandwiches. You have fun, take a chicken panini and it has all the ingredients that are in the sandwich. So, if they're like, What's in the sandwich, you can just read off the like we off the screen. It just tells you. What's in the plate? What's in the sandwich? Shake off the screen. So you just read that off, and it has all the extra ingredients. So if you want to say, they want a vegetable, you just gotta veg to just go to ingredient and they have like, all the ingredients listed. Some good ingredients are extra. Like, I know avocados, extra big. Like bacon, hard-boiled, eggs or something. I don't know why they want a hard-boiled egg going to sandwich, but maybe you want salad. Some stings are actually like things like lettuce tomatoes, like small ingredients. Those are free. So yeah, so you take their order, you read their order back to them because people are too quick. So, you must your order up, so, I read it back to them. Ask them if they want to drink, let them know that drinks are extra because some people always want to act like, oh, that's extra charge me. It's not right? But people are really quick to tell you that their order is not right. But like no Panera's just expensive after you. Take their order. You ask them. If they have a canary card before you send the order n because people always forget that they have rewards card. No be like, oh my points. So you have some to have a Panera card, some people like to do it before they take your order. I always do it afterwards because some people just come up right to the register and they're just like, give me the order. So yeah, you just after that, you ask you as soon put their Panera card and they usually can put their number, they can start their card and it's, but it and then they're ordered their name will pop up on the screen on the side. If they ask for a pastry you get their pastry for them immediately. They shouldn't weigh more than two minutes for their pastry. If you can't get it, someone else will get it for you. So when I was working in the front, if you're by yourself and you just wait and just go get that pastry, they shouldn't be waiting. More than two minutes for their pastry. They'll tell you that your training as well. That's about it. I'm also trained trained and Barista. So I make drinks. I make, I refill the cough. Let me tell you the duties of each position. So cashier usually takes orders. They keep the front clean. Sometimes I'll, depending on your Panera. They keep the dining room clean as well. They get pastries, they check orders. That's basically the role of the cashier Barista. The rest of course makes drinks refills the coffee's. It's depending on how it's working in the front, how your Benares Set up the cashier, my main coffees as well. I know my canary small sometimes I make coffees as well. But I'm also training Barista. So I can't do that. Teresa makes drinks. They refill the front drinks.

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