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Record, share, and respond to video messages without ever needing to schedule a call. Introview makes it easy to engage more people while freeing up your calendar.

  • The ultimate screening tool

  • Engage freely and efficiently

  • Unified and centralized collaboration

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  • The ultimate screening tool

  • Engage freely and efficiently

  • Unified and centralized collaboration

Using Introview is as simple as 1, 2, 3

  • Create a post

    Describe the opportunity in a video post

  • Share it

    Distribute and amplify this post across your network

  • Find your people

    Meet interested parties and further the discussion


  • Introview revolutionized our hiring process! We were able to recruit and hire 50 insurance agents in a fraction of the time of our past methods. Candidates got to meet our team and speak to their skills and experience before any interviews. By adding Introview to our hiring process we are able to get a true sense of the applicants personality and then only schedule interviews with candidates who we know would be a great fit. Highly recommend!

    Insurance Brokerage Firm

  • Introview has been a game-changer for our apartment rental operations. It allowed us to screen potential tenants in a personal yet efficient manner, giving us a clearer insight into their reliability and fit for our community. The platform saves countless hours in the application review process and yields us higher quality tenants. With Introview, we've elevated our tenant selection process to a whole new level.A must- have for property managers!

    Property Management Company

  • As a candidate, I was able to prepare and present myself authentically through the video application and the platform granted me a valuable peek into the company's culture.Getting to "meet" the hiring manager and hear directly from them about what they were looking for from a candidate was an insight that I have never felt from an application process.It felt less like a one- sided application and more like a mutual introduction.

    Job Applicant

  • As a recruiter, Introview has transformed my sourcing process. By integrating video applications, I've been able to utilize my time way more efficiently by speaking to and interviewing a fraction of the candidates I previously had. This depth of insight has boosted my confidence when presenting candidates to hiring managers and it has increased the rate of hires dramatically.

    Technical Recruiter

  • We're inundated with pitches from startups seeking investment. Introview has been transformative in our vetting process. The platform allows startups to visually and passionately present their ideas, letting us see both the face and force behind the innovations. This added dimension enables us to make quicker and more informed decisions, fostering stronger alignments with our investment choices.

    Venture Capital Fund

  • Instead of holding open casting, we can experience the charisma and camera presence of an artist before we meet. Thanks to Introview, we've been able to match brands with the right face and energy more effectively than ever. A game-changer for the casting world!

    Commercial Casting Agent

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