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Hi, this is Todd from Principled Life. Just wanted to welcome you and give you a little bit more insight into our company. We are a local company started in Saratoga Springs. We have beautiful Class A office space at 18 Division Street. A few of the benefits of working, at Principal Life, say, first and foremost is we have inbound calls, inbound leads, so there is absolutely no cold calling at all. We run TV commercials throughout the country, during the day and People informed people call in that want to purchase a life insurance policy. The other real positive thing is our schedule. We work Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM and we are off on our weekends, so it is very family oriented. There's plenty of time in the morning, there's time in the evening and, again, no weekends or evenings and then we also do provide a generous base salary. It is a $40,000 base plus commission, So our average agent makes $73,000 a year and we obviously have many many agents that make $100,000 plus, So it really is kind of a great place to work with inbound calls, a really workable life work balance, and and a guaranteed base salary.
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