5 Don'ts When Firing an Employee

Jan 16, 2023
Video transcript

In the business world having to fire an employee is inevitable while this isn't Pleasant for either party. You must be prepared to fire an employee with Grace with that said here are five don'ts when dismissing an employee don't neglect the evidence. When you have decided it's time to dismiss an employee compile evidence backing up your decision. Not only will this help the individual understand why they are being released but it will supply support for your decision don't surprise them ensure you forewarn the employee before firing them putting them in this scenario without notice could lead to a messy exit or potential lawsuit. Don't do it over the phone ending. Someone's employment is a big blow to their career and is something that simply should not be done over a call or text instead set up a private meeting with the employee and a witness to discuss the situation don't embarrass them. It's unnecessary to ridicule an employee regardless of your reason for releasing them. It is essential to protect their dignity and be civil with the don't drag it out be as concise firm and direct as possible only answer questions that are relevant or help support your decision. Also, be sure to avoid discussing unrelated topics that may destroy the intent of the meeting or put you under scrutiny letting go of employees is no easy task for any organization. Remember to avoid these five elements for both parties to come out of the decision without issue.