5 Best Practices for Employee Recognition and Appreciation

Dec 26, 2022
Video transcript

The past few years for employees have been difficult due to the pandemic and overall shifts in the work environment as an employer. One of the most impactful ways to boost employee morale during these hardships is by recognizing employees hard work and perseverance. So let's examine the best practices for employee recognition before you start take a moment to establish a relationship with your employees and learn how each one likes to be recognized then set individualized goals by setting goals employees know how you will measure achievement doing this will create a mutual understanding of success and reward. Once your criteria is personalized strive to create a culture of consistent feedback use a performance management system to track and know all feedback over a given time when it's time to review employee performance. This will help increase the quality of your input next provide opportunities for advancement recognition can be in the form of gifts and raises, but it should also Line with career growth adjust employees workplace goals over time to closely resemble the responsibilities of a higher senior role. It may be time for a promotion if they consistently reach their benchmarks lastly make sure to utilize different recognition methods these could vary from a shout out in a team meeting a leadership role in a new project a quarterly bonus slash raise or a promotion employee recognition is a crucial part of any well operating organization. Remember these essential practices to ensure your employees are adequately recognized and feel appreciating.