3 Key Employer Branding Elements and How to Measure Them

Nov 25, 2022
Video transcript

Building a reputable employer brand positively promotes your company and is essential for today's competitive space before putting in the resources to build your brand. Let's Outline Three key brand elements in how to measure them. The first element of employer branding is having industry awareness the impact of your brand depends largely on people's perception of your company when building your brand ask yourself how well do people know my brand and what is my brand known for to measure brand awareness and perception check social media engagement and website visits and conduct industry surveys for current Insight. The second component candidate experience is how job Seekers view your company throughout the entire application process negative Canada experience can ruin your brand. So start evaluating their experiences by seeking feedback from candidates after all stages of the hiring process measuring reviews from third-party career platforms and checking social media and website comments. The third element is employee experience. Being open towards constructive criticism and Gathering testimonials from workers about their personal experiences provides important perspectives to you and potential hires to measure employee experience create and send anonymous surveys to employees regarding their experience examine employee retention rates and pay attention to overall attitudes in the workspace by analyzing these three elements when building your employer brand you are sure to gain a better picture of your brand attract the right talents and even have an edge over your competitors.