5 Steps to Creating an Effective Performance Improvement Plan

Jan 16, 2023
Video transcript

A performance Improvement plan or pip is a formal outline of an employee shortcomings and ways to tackle them this can serve as a process to improve workplace accountability and individual accomplishment. So if you are looking to grow and develop your Workforce here are five steps to create an effective performance Improvement plan identify performance issues before creating a solution. You must identify the problem look through employee performance records and ask for feedback from colleagues to deduce the areas of concern open a dialogue with employees set aside time for a face-to-face meeting with the employee to discuss the matter in question ensure everyone in the meeting can speak freely and maintain a positive attitude from start to finish set. Smart goals smart goals stand for specific measurable achievable relevant and timely these goals will serve as a roadmap to guide the employee through their Improvement Journey, make sure to convey these goals clearly offer support. And resources not only is it your responsibility as an employer but it is the most effective way to assist employee growth examples include professional development training mentorship programs and minimizing workloads. Check their progress. No plane is complete without regular check-ins. This will help both you and the employee identify what is and isn't working in your action plan. Then you can identify effective changes. You can take to continue the employee growth. If you find your organization with an employee who has been struggling remember to follow these five tips to get them back on track.