6 Types of Interviews to Assess Candidates

Jan 16, 2023
Video transcript

Conducting interviews as a Surefire method to ensure your hiring the best candidate for your organization before setting out to interview. You must closely examine which type of interview will work best for your unique situation. Here are six type of interviews to assess candidates the most common interview style behavioral interviews gives you a clear picture of a candidate beyond the content of their resume. It allows you to assess candidates values character and ability to handle certain situations. If you are looking to test your candidates problem solving skills case interviews may be the method for you here you can present candidates with the case allocate them time to work and carefully observe them from start to finish does your role come with a high level of pressure If so a stress interview can put candidates through realistic levels of tension. This can show how a candidate will react when handling high priority tasks difficult clients or workplace conflict if skill set and knowledge is top priority competency interviews can highlight these attributes from candidates. You can better identify their strengths weaknesses and see how Utilize their skill set in the past when looking to hire multiple employees group interviews can assess multiple positions simultaneously, they are also effective when the positions require teamwork and focus on customers and the public if you are looking for the entire organization to assist in the hiring process conducting a panel interview is a great way for candidates to be extensively evaluated. This helps company wide approval of new hires and can limit possible bias and favoritism. Remember that no interview method is better than the other their usage solely depends on your hiring goals. So next time you're looking to hire for a new position evaluate, which method will help you find the perfect higher.