3 Ways to Add Human Elements to The Recruiting Process

Jan 16, 2023
Video transcript

The rapid adoption of technology in the business world has greatly helped organizations with their recruiting process. However, with automation filling up a good portion of the recruiting space it can sometimes be a detriment to candidate experience candidates crave genuine human interaction. So here are three ways to add human touch to your recruiting process to start begin sharing your employees experience showcasing genuine experiences from future co-workers are easier to connect with than wordy text that is over explaining the role. Not only does this help show off your organization's culture, but it also helps potential candidates relate more to your current employees next incorporate videos into your hiring process much like showing off employee experience asynchronous videos that are either promotional the scriptive or entertaining are more creative ways to recruit and are less robotic than other automated strategies these videos give a better look into the work environment and introduces your current employees to your potential candidates, lastly get No, one enjoys a robotic chatbot instead a simple human response to candidates queries as well as approaching each potential hire on a personal level is a must utilize calling texting video call or physical conversation to discuss on a More individualized Level technology is an important tool in the hiring process, but adding human elements helps attract and assess the right candidates more efficiently. Remember these key tips to ensure your process has that human touch and you find that perfect candidate.