4 Ways to Drive Diversity and Inclusion with Technology

Nov 02, 2022
Video transcript

Dei or diversity equity and inclusion are top priorities for organizations across the globe as companies move more and more towards these new initiatives technology stands as an ally to help quickly spread new policies with that said here are four ways technology can drive Dei to start examine the wording and inclusiveness of your job descriptions Dei Tech can scan all job postings and alert you of your job descriptions pitfalls, it can find gender-coded words discriminatory language and long lists of must-haves. Furthermore Dei Tech such as applicant tracking systems can assist in recognizing personal information bias candidates with harder to pronounce names are 50% less likely to get hired than those with easier names to pronounce using an ATS helps filter through applicants without the concern of unconscious bias additionally software can assist in collecting data to improve your recruiting and interview. Main strategies you can add demographic questions to applications or analyze your entire interview process to see if you're recruiting is reaching Dei benchmarks, lastly technology and online learning is an Innovative tool for training employees for Dei initiatives, for example using tech for bias recognition training or interview process training is more engaging and it provides opportunities for diverse Learners in the business World Dei priorities are crucial for companies to actively work on next time. You're working on your organization's Dei practices. Remember these four Tech methods to drive your business forward.