Does Cold Calling in Recruitment Still Work?

Nov 02, 2022
Video transcript

As a recruiter sitting back and waiting for qualified candidates to apply simply won't cut it reaching out in some way to candidates first is a great start. But what about cold calling? Let's examine if cold calling is still a viable recruitment tactic to start cold calling is diminishing in practice, but still includes some benefits such as direct contact with candidates and showing human connection though for many the challenges of cold calling outweigh the pros these include unprompted contact that is often not appreciated caller identifies your calls as spam and how it can take up to eight calls to reach your prospect as a business cold calling may not be your preferred approach. So here are some Alternatives instead social media such as LinkedIn is a prime place to connect with active and lukewarm candidates after a quick message from you candidates can visit your profile and can immediately gauge their interest and if they should respond you can also set up an email newsletter monthly email. Newsletters keep lukewarm candidates engage in active as a result. They will be more inclined to apply to open positions when the right opportunity arises lastly create a referral program. Each employee has his or her own Professional Network. Therefore employees can make the best recruiters. So set up an incentivizing program for successful referrals, for example, if a referred candidate makes it to a first round interview, the refer gets a small bonus to their paycheck with changes in technology other systems have bypass cold calling in efficiency. Remember these other tactics to successfully reach more candidates in the sourcing stage.