Video transcript

One of the biggest reasons, employers haven't made the switch to incorporating video in their hiring process is because they are worried about the possibility of being accused of conscious or unconscious bias, whether we want to admit it or not bias exists in all facets of the hiring process whether video is presented or not. So here are three tips that employers should incorporate into their hiring processes to limit potential bias. Structure your interview process, a consistent and structured interview process with a synchronous video eliminates, the possibility of different candidates receiving different forms of the same interview have a diverse team participate in candidate evaluation and selection. When one person or a group of people who are too similar, participate in the hiring process, implicit biases can influence decision-making. When thinking of diversity, it's more than race having a diverse. Means not only mixing age race and education but it also means having people from different departments or even different roles within the organization. Remove details such as race, gender age, and other factors that encourage implicit bias. You may think that this is where video fails but that is not. So, the great thing about videos is that all videos aren't built, the same biases can appear at any point during the hiring process whether using video or not. So, it is important for employers to take the initiative to make the playing field level for all applicants.