Workplace Mental Health | How Can HR Help?

Nov 02, 2022
Video transcript

2020 has not only changed the Working World drastically, but the everyday lives of many were turned upside down with the added stress from this huge change mental health conversations were spearheaded as it is more important now than ever with that said. Let's examine three ways. HR can prioritize mental health support a great starting point for many workforces is providing both flexible PTO and flexible working hours not requiring employees to disclose reasons for PTO allows them to take rest on what may be a particularly difficult day. Similarly flexible working hours can be especially beneficial. For example, it can allow an employee to take a much needed afternoon break then make up Miss time in the evening from here. It's crucial to seek a health insurance provider that covers Mental Health Services. This doesn't just mean finding a provider that covers the minimum when it comes to mental health, but instead a provider that makes benefits easily accessible look for Provider offering an employee assistance program or EAP that has multiple mental health offerings. Lastly consider smaller things that can improve the working space of your organization daily this list varies greatly but can include subscription to meditation apps Fitness stipends and a designated step away space in the office talking about mental health at work is one thing but backing up that talk with real benefits is another through these strategies show your employees that mental health is a priority and take that next step in supporting your employees.