Video transcript

How to enhance? Employer brand employer branding is crucial during the hiring process. It is how the company's identity is portrayed. Unfortunately, around 50% of recruiters, don't know, their own employer brand and often it is because they haven't taken the time to build one according to Mighty recruiter and other recruiting agencies to build your employer brand during the hiring process. We have to be able to tell a story with your job description. Be authentic and Embrace Transparency. Be Visual and engage in post, candidate nurturing. What better way to do all of these things, than with video using video as one of the most impactful assets to help bring your employer brand to Life video. Not only allows you to get vast amounts of information across quickly, but it also allows you to develop and portray Your Own Story during the hiring process. The Right video can elevate your employer brand by giving you the opportunity to elaborate on your company culture. Show your people. Pull in your workspace. Inspire candidates, with your company's Mission and display, expansive, knowledge of your industry and your willingness to help candidates grow. When you use interview, your videos are short yet memorable. They Define your message and your culture and help Embrace technology by means of Storytelling. All with the intention of building a strong employer brand.