How to Improve Candidate Experience Using Candidate Feedback

Dec 05, 2022
Video transcript

Candidate feedback is an important tool for employers who want to improve their hiring process these differing views help assess your recruiting process measure outcomes, critically engage overall brand perception. So here are five tips to get meaningful feedback from candidates in the hiring process first inform your candidates of your intentions to gather opinions beforehand via paragraph in the job description or in the screening stage this way it helps candidates be more observant and prepared to share their thoughts upon conclusion of the process from here prepare an anonymous way to gather responses. This helps ensure protection and total honesty as candidates know their feedback won't affect their chances of Landing their role furthermore create a convenient and simple way for candidates to submit feedback and extensive survey can feel more like a test than just sharing comments simple short and strategic questions is all you need to gather Insight another method to encourage candidates to leave feedback is attaching incentives to promote responses. This doesn't Have to be too complex as a simple meal voucher or invite to a career event will encourage detail responses. And of course improve the Canada experience. Lastly remember to act on given feedback. Don't just collect a plethora of data to Simply sit on it instead make the appropriate changes to further improve your process evaluating your candidates experience not only as crucial in ensuring positive brand perception, but most importantly it assists you in creating a positive process overall. Next time. Your organization is filling a role. Remember these five tips to collect meaningful feedback.