Video transcript

The hiring world is going digital and companies are relying on video while recruiting some use video interviews while other use video screening processes. While employers are increasing their Reliance on video, job Seekers can incorporate video into their job, seeking practices video. Resumes, help job Seekers display, their communication and presentation skills eloquently delivering, your experience. In a video resume, will demonstrate your personality and the authenticity of your skills because interview gives you the ability.Ready to create and upload your own video. You can make your video resume stand out in several different ways. Tell a story every video resume should follow a specific story line. To ensure your video resume has a clear story line, write a script and consider the following elements. Introduce yourself. Give a brief example of your past experience. Explain what skills you have developed that. Help you succeed at your last job, say what makes you unique compared to other candidates and closed with a strong statement or call to action get creative? Be sure. Your video is not you read. Eating your resume, word-for-word consider some video editing and or animation, to ensure your video. Reflects. Your personality ensure video resumes are suitable for your career field. Not every industry will accept video resumes for sales marketing or communication rules video, technology and creativity will likely be a golden ticket to a new career video. Resumes are not a substitute for traditional resumes, but they are great supplement to Showcase your experience, display your skills and most importantly, put a face to your resume.