Mapping Your Candidate's Journey to Improve Candidate Experience

Dec 18, 2022
Video transcript

Potential job candidates interact with your organization all throughout the recruiting process. These interactions are known as candidate Journey touch points and are crucial to identify as they make up a majority of the candidate experience with that said, let's look at three steps to improving your candidate Journey touch points start off by charting your entire hiring process to identify potential touch points understanding your recruitment workflow is key to taking note of all potential interactions between a candidate and your organization touch points can vary from candidates viewing job ads then giving feedback on third-party platforms or having physical face-to-face conversations from here figure out the best mode of communication for each step of the process determining which method is most efficient at each stage is crucial to forming an efficient hiring process potential communication modes include face-to-face remote written and visual furthermore plan. Do accommodate candidates needs at each stage of the Hiring process a proactive approach tends to be the best approach for example, if a candidate needs more information on your company in the screening stage have a video article or representative at the ready to supply them with the info. They need maximizing. The quality of candidate touch points is crucial to improving your hiring process and overall candidate experience next time you're looking to hire an employee. Remember these tips to streamline finding that perfect fit.