Stop Getting Ghosted by Candidates | Strategies to Reduce Reneging in Job Offers

Feb 22, 2023
Video transcript

One of the biggest challenges companies face is when job candidates accept a job offer and then decide to back out. This is known as reneging and it can be frustrating and costly for any organization. So let's examine several strategies to reduce candidate reneging to build the quality Foundation start by implementing a more thorough selection process during your preliminary processes include questions such as why are you interested in this job or how do you expect this firm to Aid your professional development? This will help confirm candidates commitment to the job or identify any red flags. Another tactic to prevent job candidates from reneging is to make the job offer more enticing by providing a customized welcome package and outlining the expectations and responsibilities of the position. It helps increase engagement and reduce their enigging rate. Additionally. It's important to communicate effectively with candidates to keep their interest in the job alive communication goes both ways. So strive to create a two-way dialogue as Opposed to an overload of emails and newsletters finally as a new employee begins their stint with your organization. It can be helpful to celebrate early achievements when new hires achieve a milestone recognize it concentrating solely on poor performance can be discouraging and converge an employee to quit during onboarding all organizations prioritize finding and recruiting quality employees, but this process should be reevaluated if candidates continue to renege remember to keep the recruiting an onboarding process engaging interactive and welcoming to turn candidates into long-term employees.