Top Strategies to Reduce Employee Turnover

Dec 19, 2022
Video transcript

Due to the recent pandemic employee turnover rate has been on the rise losing employees can be a huge financial hit not to mention the lost time it will take to find and train new recruits. If you're in the market to retain your All-Star employees. Let's examine four strategies to reduce employee turnover bring in great employees. The first step to reducing employee turnover is to bring in great employees at the start focus on painting a clear picture of the candidate you are looking for within your job description to take it further ensure your interview questions align with your description for the best results focus on Career Development. Once you found your new rookie strive to create clear career path opportunities and reward good employees. No one wants to work in a role that has no room for growth instead outline possible future roles for each employee Supply them with the resources to obtain those promotions and recognize those with high achievement monitor Employee Engagement when employees start to withdraw, this could be a sign of an early departure to counter this incorporate practices. Jazz monthly surveys stay interviews and employee feedback initiatives with these metrics. You can either put together a retention plan or begin figuring out their successor offer a competitive benefits package often companies lose employees to competitors due to compensation disparities to avoid this examine Market compensation. If you see an employee is underpaid don't wait for them to negotiate offer them an increase or re-examine their benefits package employee turnover is ever-evolving and can sometimes be out of your control. However, following these four tips can assist you greatly in retaining your All-Star team.