Video transcript

Hiring quality candidates is one of the biggest concerns hiring managers have. Bring the Recruitment and hiring process actually deciphering a candid skills can be tricky on top of that. Many Industries are facing Talent shortages. So hiring a candidate. Now needs to be a quick and decisive process. Many companies still rely on hiring managers alone to handle the entire hiring process for position. This heavy. Reliance on hiring, managers has Force companies to invest in artificial intelligence to help sort documents. And applicants though, May save time. One of the largest His complaints is that you'll never know if you'll get a satisfactory higher which leads to lower employee retention rates, which cost more time in the long run in the hiring and recruiting world. The technical term is collaborative hiring. Collaborative hiring opens up a new world of efficiency for companies, looking to fill positions more quickly and smoothly. It reduces the time and cost of the hiring process while also improving the quality of the candidates experience which in turn helps increase your Brand's perception, other benefits include you get more diversity in viewpoints, it reduces a recruiters workload and it improves the candidates experience collaborative hiring on interview can happen in many different stages. You could use inch of you to run a referral program by creating an unlisted job. And then having your employees refer people in their Network to apply. You could create a job posting, share your favorite replies and then have your colleagues continue. The screening process, you could even have different employees, create recruiting videos to show your company's culture and attract potential candidates. Either way interviews video platform. Lets you see who you are hiring for who they really are. You can create a human connection and make the hiring process smoother for your employees and potential candidates together.