What is Quiet Quitting? | 3 Strategies to Keep Staff Engaged

Dec 26, 2022
Video transcript

Quiet quitting is one of the latest workplace buzzwords as opposed to an employee quitting their job quite quitting is when an employee puts forth the bare minimum effort to get by in their position this mostly derives from employee burnout or dissatisfaction. So let's examine three strategies for keeping employees engaged and avoiding quiet quitting before you begin take a moment to reflect on your company's workplace culture while an emphasis on performance May yield High results. It can also negatively affect an employee's well-being instead strive to create a workplace with fearlessness at the Forefront without a looming threat of punishment for every mistake. It helps ensure a mental well-being and creativity from here ensure. You are supplying the proper resources for Success hiring employees and setting them lose without any guidance is a recipe for disaster examples of proper resources include explicitly setting performance expectations position specific training and team seminars or morale boosting activities. Lastly seek out and incorporate employee feedback listening to the thoughts of your customers is a tenant of any business. So why ignore the thoughts of your workers frequent one-on-one meetings to assess which aspects of their position are working and which need Improvement are essential to maintaining Employee Engagement as crucial as maximizing efficiency may be keeping employees engaged and enjoying their Position will in arguably assist your organization's morale. Remember to follow these three steps to keep engagement at a high and avoid quiet quitting.